Case Study

Medical Materials, Cobalt Chrome & Titanium

ICEFLY Benefits

Machining of Wrought Co-Cr with LIN/Al2O3

Material removal rate was improved by 290%, in addition to a tool life improvement of 50%.

In the ID operation, Al2O3 inserts performed successfully, even with mild interruptions.

Machining of Cast Cobalt Chrome

Stems (50 HRc)

Part: Cobalt Chrome Stem (1.310” dia)

Operation(s): OD Turning

Tooling: CNGA433/DNGA 432 whisker ceramic insert

Depth of Cut: 0.100” (rough), 0.010” (finish)

Feed: 0.005” /rev. Speed: 330 SFM

MRR Improvement: 243% (rough), 296% (finish)

Cut Time (ICEFLY): 4 min. (rough), 1 min. (finish)

A combination of liquid nitrogen (LIN) coolant and minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) vegetable oil proved to be the optimal solution.

Depth of cut notch was very severe with flood coolant and would ultimately cause fracture of the nose, in addition to trailing edge wear.

Flank wear after 4 roughing passes with LIN/MQL
Flank wear after 2 roughing passes with flood

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