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Hard Metal Matrix Composites


Cryogenic Machining of Carbide Die (88 HRa)

Part: Carbide Die
Work Material: WC-13%Co
Operation(s): ID Boring, Facing
Tooling: CNGA 433 (QRD06) PCD
Depth of Cut: 0.020”
Feed: 0.003” /rev.
Speed: 150 SFM
Cut Time: 11 min.
Surface Roughness: 12 micro-inches
Tool Wear: Minor edge wear

ICEFLY reduced machining time for large dies from 4 hrs (grinding) to 15 min (hard turning)

Customer used to stock a large inventory with varying sizes and approach angles. With ICEFLY, significant inventory reduction was possible.

Customer was also able to accept jobs with significantly high material removal and deliver faster turnaround times.

Machining of Carbide Punches

Part: Carbide Shaft (80 HRc)
Work Material: WC-10%Co
Operation(s): ID turning, profiling
Current rough grind time on the ID is 100 min. With ICEFLY, the ID was turned in 20 minutes.
Operation(s): ID Turning (Roughing, Finishing)
Tooling: DCMT 32.52, CNMA 433, RCMA 32 (QRD06) PCD
Depth of Cut: 0.003 – 0.016”
Feed: 0.002 – 0.006”
Speed: 80 SFM
Surface Roughness: 16-24 micro-inches
Total Cut Time: 20 min.

Machining of Unfused Carbide Thermal Spray Coating

Machine: Fortune V-turn VT 2 C.N.C. lathe
Tool/Insert: RCMA042 QRD06
Cut. Cond.: Speed: 80 SFM
Feed: 0.005”
Doc: 0.010”
Tool life: >15 pcs. (Insert still usable after 15 pcs, flank wear 0.039 mm)
Cycle time: 75 min. (60 min. grinding + 15 min. polishing) (current)
Cycle time: 8.5 min. (3.5 min. hard turning + 5 min. polishing) (ICEFLY)

Machining of SS Thermal Spray Coating

Part: 29” diameter part with four slots (SS thermal spray coating)
Operation: Turn O.D. (Grinding is customer’s current process)
Machine: King boring mill (72 inch table)
Tool/Insert: Sandvik RNGN CB5 (PCBN)
Cut. Cond.: Speed: 260 SFM (29 rpm)
Feed: 0.012”
Doc: 0.010”
Tool life: >30 min. (Insert still usable after 30 min. with minimal flank wear)

Machining of Stellite Coatings (55-58 HRc)

Part: Ring
Work Material: Stellite
Operation(s): OD Turning (Roughing, Finishing)
Tooling: RNGN 43T (WG300) Whisker Ceramic
Depth of Cut: ~0.040” (Rough) 0.013” (Finish)
Feed: 0.007” /rev. (Rough) 0.005” (Finish)
Speed: 400 SFM
Surface Roughness: 6 micro-inches
Total cut time: 2.5 min.

Current machining time is 20 min./part. With ICEFLY, the entire machining was completed in 2.5 min.

With ICEFLY, the part was machined with whisker reinforced ceramics, with significant reduction in tooling cost/part, over conventional PCBN tooling.

ICEFLY vs. Conventional Machining

Surface finish improvement by 75%, to eliminate superfinishing.

6–10% improvement in substrate hardness.

Higher compressive residual stress and deeper hardness profile through spring-pass cryo-burnishing.

Temperature Comparison Between LIN and Dry Cutting

Material: WC/15%Ni (74 HRc)

Insert: RNG 32 (PCD)

Depth of Cut: 0.008” Feed: 0.004” Cutting Speed: 250 SFM

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