Introducing ICEFLY®

Welcome to the web site of Industrial Cryogenic Technologies, LLC, licensed seller of the revolutionary ICEFLY cryogenic delivery system.

ICEFLY unitWhat Is Cryogenic/LIN Machining?

Cryogenic/LIN machining is the application of a small jet of liquid nitrogen (LIN) or a controlled-temperature mixture of LIN and gaseous nitrogen (GAN) to the cutting zone. This process replaces standard flood-cooled or dry cutting operations. Temperatures in a range of 32˚ F to -250˚ F can be maintained.

What Are The Benefits Of This Process?

Will It Work With My Application?

ICEFLY can be used on hardened steels and irons, heat treated powdered metals, hard metal matrix composites (carbides, ceramics, and weld overlays), medical materials (implanted metal components, polymers, HDPE, UHMWPE, PEEK) and many types of composites.

ICEFLY can be fitted to standard machine tools and interfaced to CNC machine tools through the spare M-codes feature. The ICEFLY unit is compact and built on rollers for ease of use.

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This web site contains comprehensive information about the ICEFLY cryogenic cutting system. You can also learn more by contacting Rick Knopf by phone at (610) 966-8221 or by email at

Note: “ICEFLY® cryogenic delivery system” is also herein referred to as ICEFLY.