Tech Notes

The Technology of ICEFLY’s Low-Flow Cryogen Delivery System

In many cryogenic fluid transfer applications, it is important that the fluid be transferred in a 100% liquid state or as close to 100% as possible since available refrigeration is optimally gained from the phase change of a liquid to a gas (latent heat of vaporization). Historically, and particularly in low flow applications, this required the fluid to be initially phase-separated and/or subcooled in a heat exchanger. Otherwise heat leak from the surrounding environment to the cryogen would cause boil-off, thereby causing flow undulations in the transfer line resulting in non-steady, pulsing and generally unreliable flow. The ICEFLY cryogen delivery system addresses this concern with a proprietary coaxial or "tube-in-tube" geometry (see insert).

Icefly unit shown in cross sectionWith such a configuration, the first portion of the cryogenic fluid flows through the inner tube while a second portion flows through an annulus between the inner tube and outer tube. By maintaining the annulus at a lower pressure than the inside tube, the liquid in the annulus can provide a refrigeration duty to the liquid inside the inner tube (e.g. such as by boiling), such that the inner liquid is cooled and stays in a saturated liquid state. This feature is critical for supply of either a saturated liquid nitrogen stream or for preparation of a low temperature gaseous nitrogen product.

It is also important in many cryogenic fluid transfer applications that the transfer line be lightweight and flexible. This provides for flexibility during installation, operation and maintenance of the cryogenic supply system at the application point and also enables the cryogenic transfer line to withstand repeated bending. The ICEFLY cryogen delivery system addresses this concern for cryogenic transfer lines through the judicious use of flexible polymeric materials in a portion of the delivery system.

Cryo-SpiderCool™ – Programmable Nozzle

SpiderCool is an automatic coolant nozzle system for machining centers offered by Dimensional Controls, Inc. The SpiderCool system consists of:

  • Nozzle assembly
  • Control unit
  • Remote adjustment knob, cabling, and mounting hardware
  • Closed loop servo motor which automates the coolant stream

SpiderCool memorizes where coolant is aimed on each tool, then adjusts automatically while the machine is running oriented so the coolant stream is aligned to the spindle centerline.

This exciting new addition to the Dimensional Control’s family of automatic coolant nozzles is designed to operate at cryogenic temperatures in conjunction with the ICEFLY cryogen delivery system for cryogenic machining applications.

For further information, contact Rick Knopf at (610) 966-8221 or Or contact Dimensional Controls at (860) 463-0496 or

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White Papers: Temperature-Controlled Machining of Polymers

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